Tesla Energy Offers Free Powerwall in New Referral Program

Tesla Energy Offers Free Powerwall in New Referral Program

The extraordinary electric car maker, Tesla, is working while we are sleeping and brings fresh surprises every day. This time, the fascinating EV company transfers the focus to their Tesla Energy, by reinventing the referral program.

The good news is that the program is now updated and offers a double reward to all customers who refer a new solar panel installation to someone else. As you already know, Tesla loves taking care of its loyal customers, so the new referral program also includes a free Powerwall. Can it get better than this? Yes.

According to the official Tesla page, every new Tesla Energy customer that uses a referral link from an existing customer will receive a $100 reward after installing a residential solar or Solar Roof system.

On the other hand, the existing customers who help to make the referral will receive a $400 reward as per new customer. As soon as the number of referrals reaches ten, the initial customer will get a Powerwall for free.

For the ones who are not familiar with it, Powerwall by Tesla is a battery that stores solar energy and keeps your household functioning when the grid goes down. It’s silent, efficient, and it works flawlessly, keeping your lights and electronic appliances on for days.

So, this outstanding system can be yours for free if you are already a Solar Roof system owner and refer this to ten of your friends.

Once the solar panels are installed and activated, a person becomes eligible for the Tesla award and can keep referring to more people. According to the official Tesla site, “you will earn one Powerwall for 10 or more solar referrals, limited to one award.” If you want to order a Solar Roof system, you can do it after July 15, 2020.

The fact that Tesla is focusing even more on improving the solar energy industry is encouraging not only for the EV sector but entire households that can fully live off the grid.

Tesla Energy is extending its reach on the residential market, which is excellent news for everyone who firmly believes in a greener tomorrow, and limiting the usage of fossil fuels.

Billionaire investors predict that Tesla Energy has the capacity to reach a $500 billion value on its own. This is not far from the truth if we look at all the financial, technological, and innovative success that Tesla empire has in the EV industry.

The expansion in the solar and the battery market by Tesla Energy seems to be ignored by financial analysts who follow the company’s success, which means that Wall Street can receive another surprise very soon.

All in all, Mr. Musk is the miracle creator of a better world where we could all hopefully live in one day, depending on solar energy.