Elon Musk Invites Other Carmakers to Use Tesla Software

Elon Musk Invites Other Carmakers to Use Tesla Software

Tesla is the most valuable car company in the world and the absolute leader in the electric vehicle industry.

However, this EV manufacturer can’t accomplish the full sustainability on its own, as many other carmakers would need to join Tesla’s vision towards car electrification.

As we already know, Elon Musk has shared some of its patents in the past to help other car companies speed up their way to electric vehicle production.

The CEO’s mission is not to destroy other carmakers, but help them develop and join the sustainable energy project promoted by Tesla.

The company is willing to share its patents with the competition if they agree on joining the EV industry.

In one of his Tweets, Mr. Musk wrote, “Tesla is open to licensing software and supplying powertrains & batteries. We’re just trying to accelerate sustainable energy, not crush competitors!”

By saying this, Tesla is offering its software (the most advanced on the planet) to other car manufacturers. 

The crucial part of Tesla’s software is the Autopilot. By sharing it with various car companies, Elon Musk will provide them with a tool for accessing the autonomous car market faster than they ever would.

Tesla’s Autopilot software depends on data from real life and the behaviors of other drivers on the streets.

If Mr. Musk can convince other carmakers to convert their vehicles to electric and use the same technology as he does, then the Autopilot’s success will be even better.

If all the cars on the road use the same system, driving, in general, will be much safer, sustainable, and environment-friendly.

Making all cars on the market operate by the Tesla system seems like a utopia, but nothing is impossible when it comes to Elon Musk.

In 2018, he pointed out that the Supercharger System is not only meant to be used by Tesla vehicles but is very open to accepting other cars, of course, with some modifications.

During the 2018 Q1 Earnings Call, Mr. Musk said, “We’ve always said that this is not intended to be a walled garden, and we’re happy to support other automakers and let them use our Supercharger stations. They would just need to pay, you know, share the costs proportionate to their vehicle usage, and they would need to be able to accept our charge rate or at least our connector, at least have an adapter to our connector. This is something that we are very open to.”

Despite the generous offer, only one car company has asked to use the Supercharger Network so far. Bollinger Motors publicly asked to use Tesla’s electrical stations for its B1and B2 off-road vehicles.

Up to date, Tesla hasn’t come out with a public response to this request.