Tesla's Model Y Travelling Far from Home - New Zealand and Europe

Tesla's Model Y Travelling Far from Home - New Zealand and Europe

Tesla is ramping the production of its Model Y for the United States and Canada markets. However, the number one EV company's cars were spotted far from home, to be more exact, in New Zealand.

It is not the first time that Tesla's vehicles are reaching international markets, and this time, the reports say that Model Y will undergo winter testing in New Zealand.

On Monday night, three Model Ys arrived with an ANL Warrnambool container ship in Auckland, accompanied by VIN Model 3 sedans, and a Model S vehicle.

The reason besides the winter testing of the Tesla cars is probably the introduction of these vehicles in New Zealand, a country famous for its green and environmental-friendly governance.

However, this is not the first time Tesla Model Y has been seen outside of its homeland. A month ago, there was a photo of Model Y charging at EU-spec Supercharger in the Netherlands, published by Tesla Owners Club Netherlands.

Tesla's Model Y is even more present on the streets of Germany, which is probably one of the major reasons for building the new factory in the country's capital.

Model Y is one of Tesla's top-wanted vehicles, currently manufactured in its main facility in Fremont, California. Nevertheless, Tesla's Gigafactory Shangai in China is going through advanced preparation for Model Y production, which means that there's a high demand for this vehicle worldwide. Drone flyovers above the Gigafactory Shangai show a quick development and new equipment fitting for the production of Model Y vehicles.

Tesla has one more Gigafactory under construction, and this time it's in Berlin, targeting the Western European market. The facility's first task will be Model Y production, the first all-electric crossover model. Giga Berlin's car manufacturing will start next year. Until then, Tesla is targeting the new markets that craving for the world's number one EV technology.

With these sightings in mind, there is no doubt that Tesla is a company with a clear vision for conquering the car markets outside of the North American continent.

It seems that Model Y is the most-beloved car from Tesla's menu, and the company is losing no time in satisfying its worldwide fans.

In the end, Tesla's boss, Mr. Elon Musk, himself said that he's expecting the Model Y to outsell the Model 3, the Model S, and Model X together.