4 Top Reasons to buy a Tesla Model Y in 2023

4 Top Reasons to buy a Tesla Model Y in 2023

Given that it blends one of the hottest vehicle markets, the Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV with rising popularity rates. In fact, it has recently overtaken the best-selling car in Europe for the month of November in 2022. In comparison to the 5,297 Model Ys sold in November 2021, the EV manufacturer sold 19,144 Model Ys this past November, more than double that number. Even for an automaker producing such in-demand automobiles as Tesla, the additional 13,847 vehicles sold is a 261.4 percent increase in sales, which are outstanding figures.

So, what makes the Tesla Model Y such a great electric vehicle?

The Model Y is Tesla's SUV and the company's best-selling EV. It boasts two all-wheel drive motors and a starting price of $65,990. For an additional $4,000, a Performance variant is available that gives up some range for increased agility, although the base model is already very sporty. Tesla sells its vehicles directly to consumers online rather than through dealerships. Customers can either pick up their vehicle in person at a Tesla dealership or have it delivered to their house.

1. Performance

According to Tesla, the Model Y Dual Motor Long Range can hit 60 mph in 4.8 seconds, and the Performance model can do so in under 3.5 seconds. With high performance rates like this, it puts the Model Y out front for electric SUVs.  Tesla has proven its vehicles have reliable traction control, and the Model Y is no exception with it being able to effortlessly navigate roads in icy conditions. If you compare this performance with acceleration with other EVs, Tesla takes top spot. For example, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 is about 5-8 seconds the Ford Mustang Mach-E does 3.5 - 6.1 seconds, and the Volkswagen ID.4 around 5.7-7.8 seconds.

2. Safety

The Texas-based OEM nevertheless provides a remarkable selection of safety features even though Tesla's Full-Self Driving isn't actually "full-self driving." The basic Autopilot system is a must for stress-free driving. Additionally, compared to other vehicles, the Model Y is probably better able to stay intact in rollover scenarios according to Tesla's exceptional vehicle structural safety ratings. 

Built for Safety is a new section that Tesla has added to its website. The new page discusses some of the inherent qualities of electric vehicles that make them safer in some respects than conventional vehicles and highlights the measures Tesla takes to make its cars as safe as possible. Active safety features like automated emergency braking, front collision warning, blind spot warning, and lane departure avoidance are made possible by a hardware and software combination that includes a variety of cameras and ultrasonic sensors. Tesla can continuously enhance and add new safety features thanks to over-the-air software updates.

2023 Tesla Model Y Interior

3. Comfort with Style

The cabin of a Tesla is pleasantly simple and devoid of the usual buttons, vents, and gauges. The modern style and modest wood trim more closely resemble a high-tech gadget store than a car. A huge touchscreen that manages nearly all significant vehicle tasks aside from stopping, moving, and turning allows for this simple design. The door locks, air conditioning settings, speedometer, and navigation system are all located in this command centre. Additionally, it has a tonne of unusual features like games and Netflix to keep passengers and the driver entertained while charging. The display has sharp visuals and is quite sensitive to taps and swipes.

Additionally, Tesla frequently upgrades its software to include new features, making the Model Y's cockpit a tech enthusiast's dream.With ample leg room and a big glass canopy, there is plenty of room to spread out in both the front and back seats. Additionally, the Model Y has a large trunk in the front and a storage room under the floor in the back, both of which are features you won't find in every EV.

4. Convenient Charging

After a hard day that uses up the 330-mile range of the Model Y, charging it back up is simple as pie. One simply pulls into one of the many Supercharger sites and plugs in after adding a credit card to the Tesla app. Comparing the frequently cumbersome process of filling up a non-Tesla at a public socket with using Tesla's unique fast-charging facilities, the latter is highly convenient and there are features that will direct you to a charging station to avoid queues and waiting times.