Tesla Model Y LR RWD Trial Production - Possible Release the Next Month

Tesla Model Y LR RWD Trial Production - Possible Release the Next Month

Tesla starts trial production of Model Y Long Range Rear-Wheel-Drive.

The company released Model Y in March 2019, and back then, they released four versions of the electric beauty.

These include Long Range, Standard Range, Dual Motor AWD, and Performance. The last two versions have long-range batteries.

On the shocking surprise for Tesla fans, the CEO Elon Musk announced the Standard Range Model Y removal from the car lineup.

As a replacement, the company is adding Long Range Rear-Wheel-Drive instead.
The new electric SUV will see the light of day in the next months, so by the end of this year, Tesla customers will have one more vehicle on the menu.

According to sources close to the company, Tesla has already started the trial production of the new Long Range Rear-Wheel-Drive.

While we all think the new Tesla family member is only an announcement, the company is already producing it.

A production trial is the last step in the pre-sale process of a new vehicle release, so it seems that Musk is giving us a late announcement.

By doing so, it will look like the vehicle is released only a few months after the idea of creating it.

The orders for the new vehicle are still not open, but we expect this to happen soon, knowing the high interest in the electric SUV.

The price of Model Y LR RWD is still undefined. Recently, Elon Musk noted the price for the new vehicle is $45,000.

On the official Tesla site, there was a $48,000 price tag for the same vehicle, and after a while, they removed the listing.

The price dropping of the Model Y LR RWD will surely attract a large number of new customers.

Some automotive experts are addressing critics to the new model announcement, saying that this version of Model Y is not really a new car, as they are only removing the front motor as they did in Model 3.

Nevertheless, Tesla's efforts to satisfy the quality and performance demand, and to fit the financial status of as many customers as possible, deserve all the credits for sustainable car production.

With everything we've seen so far, we can even expect the release of Model Y LR RWD in the next month.

The efficiency of Tesla is one of the best qualities the company has, and this is something that's been widely recognized and appreciated by the millions of EV fans around the world.

We can wait to see whether the new Model Y version will have a skyrocketing success as the current Model 3 vehicle.