Your Tesla Model S Buying Guide

Your Tesla Model S Buying Guide

More alterations have been made to the Model S than any other Tesla EV over the years with several variations. The first Model S that was released in 2014 lacked autopilot hardware. Older versions have few warranties and little choices for updates. Additionally, they are becoming obsolete. The vehicles that used the original Mobileye autopilot hardware, sometimes known as AP1, until mid-2016 before Tesla gave the Model S a facelift. The front of the Model S had the most noticeable alteration in its 2016 facelift.

Tesla replaced the Mobileye hardware in late 2016 with its own, initially dubbed HW2, which afterwards through a series of smaller modifications. The P100D and 100D versions were created at the same time the 100-kwh battery was released. These vehicles also featured new seats and a somewhat updated interior.

Up until 2018, when the MCU was changed, the automobiles didn't change much other than small adjustments and software upgrades. Before production eventually ended in 2020 before the large update in 2021, there was one more significant update in 2019. The existing smart air suspension was improved to become an adaptive suspension system, and Tesla changed the motors to include a permanent magnet version that allowed one-foot driving.

Tesla Model S 2016 Interior

Additionally, they changed the names of the models to Long Range and Performance. The Raven model is the result of all these modifications. The Long Range+ was created after they made one more adjustment. With the release of the Plaid model in 2021, Tesla made considerable inside updates along with other upgrades including trimotors.


For many years, the Model S was alone at the top of the EV food chain, but recently, Porsche and Audi have posed some serious challenge. The Porsche Taycan and the e-Tron GT are options at the $100k+ price bracket, even though the Model S is bigger than both of those cars. Both have a luxury interior and a high level of engineering. The Tesla still outperforms the competition in terms of straight-line performance, availability to the supercharging network, and interior quality.

New or used?

Since the MCU recall and upgrade option, it makes more sense to purchase an older Model S. The durability and ageing of parts of the technology was one of the key drawbacks of Model S vehicles priced similarly to the Model 3 vehicles. Owners can now pay for updates to the most recent media screen (up to the 2021 facelift) and, if the vehicle has a Tesla autopilot, to the most recent version of that as well. With a greater 4+1 seating arrangement and a new interior, the new model does not much improve upon the previous iteration.

Battery size and range

The range of a particular battery has changed over time depending on a wide range of factors. Although wheel size has always been important, Tesla has improved the electric motors to produce more miles per gallon. The performance has had a similar outcome. Other than the fact that the range is likely to be longer for a given battery size the later the car is, we would be less concerned about these considerations. The bigger the battery, the better because range is king and bigger battery automobiles typically perform better and perform faster rapid charging.


All Tesla vehicles, apart from incredibly early Model S vehicles manufactured before September 2014, have included some sort of Autopilot hardware. When Tesla switched from using Mobileye to using their own system in October 2016, there was a significant difference between the two systems. The capabilities of the older Autopilot have been reached, however Tesla claims that the FSD system is still under development and has the potential to eventually achieve full self-driving capability.

Features and Upgrades 

From the time the Model S was introduced until about 2018, a wide range of options became accessible. Over time, some of these possibilities evolved into conventional fits, while others were completely abandoned.

You need access to the car and to review the manual and settings to find out what hardware versions a Tesla must find out what standard features are accessible, such as autopilot hardware, suspension, premium audio, cold weather pack, etc. One of the highlights for a Model S upgrade is going Plaid.

Free Supercharging

When a car passes through Tesla's hands, i.e., when it is taken in as a part exchange or returned at the end of a finance agreement, the free supercharging benefit is revoked, even if Tesla afterwards sells the car into the trade. This change will take effect in July 2019. Nevertheless, you must inspect the vehicle because it may have previously been sold as a used vehicle by Tesla and experienced this problem.

All-round Tesla Experience

With an estimated driving range of up to 412 miles, the Tesla Model S is still among the most alluring and appealing solutions in that expanding market sector (depending on the model). The 1020-hp Plaid version of the Model S may give supercar acceleration for a hefty price tag, and it can be used for extended travels with ease. No matter whatever version you choose, the Model S boasts full-time all-wheel drive thanks to dedicated electric motors for the front and rear axles. The different types of acceleration varies greatly, from fantastic to fierce.

Tesla Model S 2022 Interior

Due to its quick power delivery, the 2020 Model S can reach 60 mph in a scorching 2.4 seconds and provided nonstop entertainment. In actual market testing, the Plaid model's third electric motor increased cumulative output to 1020 horsepower, enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 2.1 seconds.

With a sizable room for back baggage room and a front trunk for additional space, the Model S is extremely useful. The base Model S has established itself as a nimble sports sedan with precise driving and well-controlled body movements. Two different settings allow drivers to choose heavy or light steering effort, but neither of them enable more feedback from the road. Ride comfort is good, feature-rich infotainment, the handling is crisp, and it's confident and almost tranquil on the highway.