Latest Tesla FSD Beta Release Impresses

Latest Tesla FSD Beta Release Impresses

The latest version of Tesla's FSD Beta (Full Self-Driving) software, version 10.12, has been released. It was hailed as significant before its release since it included a slew of changes and new features. The most important aspect of this upgrade appears to be Tesla's confidence in it, as well as "reduced traffic control related false slowdowns," which refers to the Phantom Braking issue that many FSD users have experienced.

Before the new version was released, the lengthy release notes accompanying it circulated online. And now that users have had a chance to try it out, first impressions appear to be favorable. The new graphics and animations are significant upgrades: the vehicle now displays details such as automobiles in front of you turning on their brake lights or opening their doors. The technology now distinguishes between bikes and walkers, and it is better able to determine if a car is parked or simply in traffic.

Image credit: Tesla Oracle showing latest display improvements

Tesla also appears to have rewritten a significant amount of code and algorithms in order to tackle self-driving difficulties from new perspectives and approaches. Tesla is also deprecating its neural nets, according to the release notes, as the carmaker works to improve its infrastructure and machine learning for Autopilot/Full Self-Driving. Improved lane geometry and occlusion detection resolution, better integration with object future predictions during lane selection, and improved architecture of the lanes neural network are also incorporated.


Beta Testing Restricted

However, it was finally released late last week. Because this is a major update and Tesla personnel are among the first to receive it, Tesla owners who signed up for the beta testing program are still receiving it.

When Tesla completes a software update, it is first rolled out to Tesla employees' vehicles after internal testing. According to CEO Elon Musk, after the business has determined that it is working as intended, it will begin rolling it out to the long list of FSD Beta testers, which currently numbers over 100,000.

Tesla owners who have signed up for Tesla's Safety Score have been waiting for the Full Self Driving Beta program to be expanded. Tesla is said to have stopped adding new testers in the United States since late 2021. Many owners have maintained a Safety Score of 99 or even 100 since then, yet they are still waiting for access to the FSD program.

Elon Musk reacted by saying that with 10.12.2, not only will the beta be open to more customers, but Tesla would also lower the necessary Safety Score to 95+. (a drop of five points from the initial testers group).

FSD expands to a new tier of drivers when it rolls out to more people. However, it will remain an invitation-only Beta. Tesla continues to limit the number of drivers with top safety ratings and says this has resulted in a low number of reported crashes.

As the FSD algorithms improve as a result of the additional datasets being studied, the FSD Beta group may extend beyond the present 95+ Safety Score cutoff. What remains to be seen is how tolerant Tesla will be of drivers with lower Safety Scores who may jeopardize FSD's reputation while it is still in Beta.

Users have praised the latest FSD beta, version 10.12.1, for its extraordinarily rich visualizations, which include new car models, open car doors, and turn signal status. 

While the purpose of these upgrades is to improve the software, there are often regressions, as Musk has previously stated. Tesla must first ensure that the new code does not cause any faults or regressions in order to push out the updates in the safest possible manner. Tesla hopes to gain at least another million beta testers by the end of this year.