When Chrysler acquired Dodge in 1981, it preserved the company's best-selling products, including the RAM pickup trucks. Dodge RAM was the brand name for their pickup trucks from 1981 to 2009; following a brand restructure, Dodge and RAM separated into two distinct product lineups.

The official name of Ram's first electric pickup, which will begin manufacturing in 2019, has been considerably trimmed. The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV was the concept version's original name, but the company has shortened it to Ram 1500 Rev. This coming Sunday, February 12, the business intends to provide more details.

This concept truck is a sneak peek of an entirely new generation Ram pickup, following the enthusiasm of already available full-size EV trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T.


The 2024 Ram 1500 Rev will be a completely new design and the company's first pickup truck to run entirely on electricity. Ram has not disclosed the price, available trim levels, or standard and optional equipment for the 2024 Ram 1500 Rev. The electric-powered Ram 1500 is set to launch with a similar starting price based on the current starting price of the Ford F-150, estimated around $58,000. Furthermore, the top Ram EVs will undoubtedly reflect those prices considering the high MSRPs of the Lightning's highest trim levels.


Ram has stated that the 1500 Rev will have all-wheel drive with motors placed at the front and rear of the truck, albeit it is still too early to provide a detailed breakdown of powertrain options and total horsepower output. Ram has also stated that the truck's new chassis is designed to support greater capacity batteries, providing a hint towards a portfolio that will likely include models ranging in price.

It's possible the Ram 1500 Rev would surpass the maximum 580 horsepower of the Ford F-series in order to surpass the maximum towing capability of 10,000 pounds of the Ford F-150 Lightning. The Ram 1500 Rev will have four-wheel steering for more precise turning for outdoor or parking lot driving, at least in dual-motor configuration. Similar to the present truck, it will include an adjustable air suspension that lowers the vehicle to enhance highway efficiency and facilitate loading and raises the truck for off-road use.

Power Towing and Capacity

The maximum towing rating of the Ram 1500 Rev was not specified by Ram, and cargo capacity was not given at all. The company claims that its all-electric pickup truck will have greater pulling power than its EV rivals. Expect the Ram's maximum towing capacity to be greater than the stated 10,000-pound limit for the F-150 Lightning at this time.

Details are scarce regarding the half-ton Ram Rev's battery size as well as details about charging times, the automobile manufacturer said the Rev will have an estimated driving range of up to 500 miles. The F-150 Lightning longest-range is now expected to travel 200 miles lesst. Ram says its EV could add up to 100 miles of range within ten minutes with a 800-volt DC rapid charging up to 350 kW.

RAM REV 1500 EV Interior

The Interior

Long before the switch to battery power, the gas-powered Ram featured a plush interior with superior materials that bested those of its rivals, and that probably won’t change. The fully-electric Ram 1500 claims to provide ingenious methods to boost storage for cowboys and contractors as it lacks an engine under the hood and other large powertrain components.

With the concept, things up to 18 feet long can fit from the bed to the frunk thanks to configurable seating and storage spaces. The full-size pickup is simple to use and enter and exit thanks to its motorised frunk, side stairs, and rear tailgate. The idea also features a larger Ram Box with a multipurpose tailgate, which is expected to be added to the list of features for the actual pickup.

Connectivity and Infotainment System

The two 14.2-inch touchscreens in the Ram 1500 Rev concept run the whole in-car entertainment system. Additionally displayed is a head-up display, a 360-degree camera, digital side-view mirrors, and voice control from both Apple's Siri and Android's Alex. A Smart Home Control feature on the truck's infotainment system enables users to control lights, cameras, thermostats, and audio systems at home while sitting in the driver's seat. Wireless phone charging, wireless Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay are a few of the amenities expected as standard features for the electric Ram.