Identifying ports 

The USB ports on the Tesla Model 3 and Y vary depending on the model and year. To figure out which products are compatible with your Tesla, start by figuring out which ports it has.

A Model 3 manufactured in January 2020 may have entirely different ports than one manufactured in July of the same year.
To find the ports, follow these steps: The front ports are located under the phone dock area, which slides up to give access, on most Model 3 and Y phones manufactured before February 2021.
The ports in newer Model 3 and Ys made in or after 2021 are on the opposite side.

  • Most Model 3's and Y's made before 2021 will have ports accessed by lifting the phone dock area.

  • Most Model 3's and Y's made during or after 2021 will have ports at the opposite end of the phone dock area.


TESLA Model 3 (USB A Version) 2017-2020


Model 3s manufactured between 2017 and June 2020 are likely to have this feature.

Because this Model 3 has two USB A ports, we refer to it as the USB A variant.

 TESLA Model 3 / Y (USB A+C Version) 2020

  • Model 3: Usually seen on Model 3s manufactured between June and December 2020.
  • Model Y: Typically found in Model Ys manufactured between March 2020 and March 2021.

This is referred to as the USB A+C version as there is one USB A and one USB C port.

TESLA Model 3 / Y (USB C Version) 2021 

  • Model 3: Normally found in Model 3's made from January 2021 onwards.
  • Model Y: Normally found in Model Y's made from February 2021 onwards.

This is referred to as the USB C version as there are two identical USB C ports at the front of the console.

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