Supercharger Usage Fees and Idle Fees for the Tesla Model Y

SUPERCHARGING information appears at the bottom of the charging screen when utilising a Tesla supercharger. The location, the time when charging began, and an estimate of how much the session will cost are all included in this information. When you end supercharging, the anticipated cost of that session appears until you start another supercharging session.

Note: Estimated pricing is provided for your convenience only and may differ from the final price charged for that supercharging session. Your Tesla Account will have the most up-to-date price for supercharging sessions.

Idle costs are charged when charging at a Tesla supercharger. Idle fees are intended to encourage drivers to exit the Supercharger after the charging is complete. Idle fees apply only when half or more of a Supercharger station's Superchargers are occupied. When charging is nearly complete, the Tesla mobile app tells you, and when charging is complete, it notifies you again. If idle fees are incurred, more notifications are provided.

If you move your vehicle within five minutes after charging completion, you will not be charged an idle fee.

To check fees and details about Supercharger sessions, set up a payment method, and make payments, log into your Tesla Account. Fees are automatically deducted from your account after a payment method is saved.


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