Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure Tesla Model Y

You can schedule your vehicle's charging in one of two ways:

  • Scheduled Charging: When you specify a charging time, Model Y shows you while it's time to start charging when you're parked at the designated spot. If your Model Y is not plugged in at the planned time, charging will begin as soon as you plug it in, as long as you do so within six hours of the scheduled time. When plugged in after six hours, charging does not begin until the next day's scheduled time. Touch Start Charging or Stop Charging to override this setting.
  • Scheduled Departure: You can simply plug Model Y into any location, such as your home, and set a time for when you want your vehicle to be ready to travel.
    Model Y prepares itself by selecting the ideal time to start charging to maximise energy costs, Battery longevity, and ensuring charging completes in time for your drive once your chosen time is selected. Your vehicle also heats the Battery and preconditions the cabin to a suitable temperature. To create a scheduled departure time, go to Charging > Scheduled Departure > Timetable and adjust your schedule using the onscreen instructions.

Scheduled Charging is the best way to figure out when your vehicle should start charging, while Scheduled Departure is the best way to figure out when charging should finish for your trip.

Note: Your vehicle should be fully charged by 6 a.m. (end of off-peak hours). Even if your scheduled departure is later, charging may end at 6 a.m. if you give yourself enough time to charge. Shortly before your scheduled departure time, the vehicle heats the battery and preconditions the cabin. If the car does not have enough time to finish charging before 6 a.m., it will charge until the goal Battery percentage is reached.

Note: Scheduled departure will not precondition the cabin or battery if your vehicle is not plugged into a charger.

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