Replacing the Tesla Key Fob Battery 

Depending on the Tesla key fob version and vehicle settings, the Tesla key fob battery can last up to five years. A notice appears on the touchscreen when the fob battery is low.

For the Tesla key fob battery replacement, follow these steps:

  1. Release the bottom cover with the key fob button side down on a soft surface.
  2. By lifting the battery away from the holding clamps, it can be removed.
  3. Insert the replacement battery (type CR2032) with the ‘+' side facing up, avoiding touching the flat surfaces of the battery. CR2032 batteries can be purchased through most retail outlets.
  4. Align the tabs on the bottom cover with the corresponding slots on the key fob by holding the bottom cover at an angle, then press the cover firmly onto the key fob until it snaps into place.
  5. By unlocking and locking your vehicle, you can make sure the Tesla key battery replacement now works.

The process for the Tesla Model S key fob battery replacement is the same as above.

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