How to Install Front License Plate Tesla Model Y

A Tesla front license plate is included to comply with local regulations that require a licence plate on the front of your car. This bracket is shaped to fit your vehicle's front bumper and fastened to it with a strong bonding agent.


Note: It is recommended to do this on a dry, clean when the weather is warm. If you do this in cold or wet conditions it can affect the adhesive.

Follow these installation instructions for how to attach the front license plate on a Tesla:


  • Test isopropyl alcohol on an obscured painted surface of the vehicle to check it does not cause any damage or affect the paint.
  • Use the isopropyl alcohol to clean the mounting area. Let it completely dry.
  • Remove the adhesive's protective tape at the top of the bracket and on each side, slightly peel the tape from the top of the adhesive. Keep the bottom half of the tape in tact and fold the unattached tape outward for quick removal after positioning the bracket to the bumper correctly.
  • Align the bottom centre of the licence plate bracket with the centre of the grille as shown, while tilting the top of the licence plate bracket away from the bumper (to avoid sticking it to the wrong spot).
    Note: Because you won't be able to relocate the bracket once it's glued to the bumper, be as precise as possible when aligning it.
  • Move the top of the bracket against the bumper while it is firmly aligned and apply pressure so that it is held in place by the adhesive.
  • Remove the remaining tape from the bracket's sides, then press the entire bracket firmly against the bumper, ensuring that all adhesive regions hold the bracket in place.
  • Use the four included screws to attach your licence plate to the bracket once it is properly secured (ensure its tightened to 3 Nm/2.2 ft-lbs).

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