High Voltage Components Tesla Model Y

  1. High Voltage Cabling
  2. Heat Pump
  3. Front Motor (Dual Motor vehicles only)
  4. High Voltage Battery
  5. High Voltage Cabling
  6. High Voltage Battery Service Panel
  7. Rear Motor
  8. High Voltage Busbars
  9. Charge Port

It is important to note these elements especially when transporting the Model Y.

Warning: There are no user-serviceable elements on the high-voltage system. High-voltage components, cables, and connectors should not be disassembled, removed, or replaced. High-voltage wires are usually orange in colour to make them easy to spot.

Warning: Read and follow all of the instructions on the labels that come with the Model Y. These labels are in place to keep you safe.

Warning: In the unlikely case of a fire, contact your local fire emergency authorities right away.


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