Creating a Driver Profile Tesla Model Y

When you first modify the driver's seat, steering wheel, or driver's side mirror, the touchscreen prompts you to create a driver profile to save your changes. Some of the settings you make on the touchscreen's Controls box are also preserved in your profile.

To create a new driver profile, tap the driver profile icon at the top of the touchscreen. Fill in the driver's name on the Add New Driver page, then select Create Profile. Follow the onscreen prompts to save the seating position to the driver profile.

Click the Use Easy Entry checkbox to preserve (or use current) Easy Entry settings, which automatically adjust the driver's seat and steering wheel to make it easier to enter and exit Model Y.


Change Driver Profile Settings

After saving or picking a driver profile, if you change the steering wheel, driver's seat, or driver's side mirror, the touchscreen prompts you to save the new position or restore the previously saved position (other settings are saved automatically). If you wish to change a setting without saving or restoring it, ignore the prompt. To change Model Y based on a driver's profile, tap the driver profile icon and pick the driver's name. The modifications you've saved will be implemented automatically.

Note: Valet mode is a built-in driver profile that limits the speed and restricts access to a few Model Y features.

Note: To halt automatic changes based on a driver's profile, go to the Driver Profile menu and select Stop. The automatic adjustments will stop if you manually adjust a seat, mirror, or steering wheel.


Easy Entry Settings

Easy Entry is a feature that adjusts the steering wheel and driver's seat to make getting into and out of the Model Y more convenient. Any driver can use the Easy Entry setting by attaching it to their driver's profile. And the park gear is engaged and the driver's seat belt is unbuckled, when the Easy Entry setting is matched with a driver's profile, the steering wheel and driver's seat automatically adapt to assist an easy exit from the vehicle. When you get back in the car and press the brake pedal, the settings are automatically reset to the most recent driver profile (or the key, if it's linked to a driver profile).

Check the Use Easy Entry option if you want to use Easy Entry with a driver profile.

Warning: When a kid safety seat is installed in the back seat behind the driver's seat, never use Easy Entry to slide the driver's seat all the way backwards. If there is insufficient space, the movement of the seat may hurt a child's legs, cause injury, or remove the seat.


Restoring a Driver's Profile

To change the Model Y based on a driver's profile, press the driver profile symbol on the touchscreen's status bar. The driver is then chosen, and the Model Y is modified according to the settings saved in the driver profile.


Saved Settings

Your driver's profile saves a subset of the Controls window choices that you use to customise your Model Y. The settings associated with driver profiles may differ depending on the software version currently installed on your Model Y.


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