Topping Up Tesla Windshield Washer Fluid Model X

The Tesla washer fluid reservoir, which is located beneath the front trunk, is the only reservoir into which you can put fluid. A notice appears on the touchscreen when the level is low.


These steps will explain how to top up the Tesla wiper fluid:

  • Release the hood.
  • The area around the filler cap must be cleaned before opening to prevent any dirt getting inside the reservoir.
  • Open the cap.
  • Fill the reservoir without spilling until you can see the fluid level just below the filler neck.

  • Immediately clean any spills immediately and wash the area with water.
  • Replace the filler cap.

Note: The usage of Volatile Organic Compounds is restricted by some national and municipal rules (VOCs). VOCs are often utilised in washer fluid as an antifreeze. Only use a low-VOC washer fluid if it delivers appropriate freeze resistance in all climates where you drive a Model X.

Caution: Do not use any formulated washer fluids containing water repellent or bug wash as it may result in streaking, smearing and squeaking or other noises.

WarningUse a washer fluid with antifreeze in temperatures below 40° F (4° C). In cold weather, if the washer fluid does not have antifreeze it will diminish visibility through the windshield.

Warning: Tesla Model X windshield washer fluid can cause skin and eye irritation so it is important to follow instructions provided by the washer fluid manufacturer.

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