Replacing Wiper Blades Tesla Model X

For best performance, you should replace the wiper blades once every year at the minimum.

Note: Only use new blades that are exactly the same as the originals. The wiper system and windshield can be damaged if the wrong blades are used.

Note: The wiper washing system is part of the wiper blades system on the car.

Follow these steps to replace the wiper blades:

  • Put the car into Park and ensure the wipers are turned off.
  • Press Controls > Service > Wiper Service Mode > ON to put the wipers into the service position.
  • Lift up the wiper arm so that it is a short distance away from the windshield, this makes it far enough for accessing the wiper blade.

    Caution: The blades of the wipers do not lock into a raised position. Lift a wiper arm only as far as it needs to go.

To remove the wiper blade from the wiper arm, squeeze the two tabs together.

Caution: The wiper blade is still attached to the washer hose and cannot be removed at this time.

  • To avoid scratching or cracking the windshield, place a towel between the wiper arm and the glass.
  • Disconnect the washer hose from the wiper blade with caution to prevent any washer fluid from spilling.

  • Fully connect the washer hose to the new wiper blade's nipple.
  • Align the new wiper blade on the wiper arm and slide it to the end until it locks into place.
  • To reset the wipers to their usual position, turn off Wiper Service Mode.

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