Replacing the Key Battery Tesla Model X

With normal use, the key's battery lasts for around a year. A notification appears on the instrument panel when the battery is low. To replace it, follow these steps:

Note: It is recommended to replace the battery in all keys at the same time.

  • To release the bottom cover, set the key button-side down on a soft surface and use a small flat-bladed tool or your fingernail to pry it up.
    Note: If the key has a lanyard connected, you can release it by pressing your thumb against the "X" on the bottom cover and tugging the lanyard towards you (hence pushing the key off of its cover). Place a small flat-bladed tool, a fingernail, or the Tesla-supplied tool against the lanyard cord to peel the lid off.
  • Remove the battery by releasing it at an angle from the retaining clamps.
  • Put in the new battery (type CR2354) with the ‘+’ side facing upwards. The battery fits in properly so slide it into position at an angle toward the Positive contact (located near the center of the key), then firmly press down on the other side, and make sure it is held firmly in position.
    Note: It is recommended to use Panasonic CR2354 batteries, which can be bought from most retail outlets and pharmacies.
    Caution: On the positive contact, the battery should be pressed against the spring. Do not force the battery down vertically by placing it on top of the contact. This may cause harm to the contact.
    Note: Before installing the battery, wipe it clean and prevent contacting the flat surfaces. Fingermarks on the battery's flat sides can shorten its life.
  • Align the tabs on the widest side of the cover with the corresponding slots on the key while holding the cover at an angle, then press the cover forcefully onto the key until it snaps into place.
  • By unlocking and locking your vehicle, you can make sure the key works.

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