Replacing the HEPA Filter Tesla Model X

If the car is equipped, it is recommended to replace the HEPA filter once every 3 years (but annually in China).

Follow these steps to replace the HEPA filter:

  • Remove the hood.
  • Remove the rear apron from under the hood.
  • Both the left and right underhood aprons must be removed.
  • Remove the front apron from under the hood.
  • Fold the trunk seals back carefully to separate the front of the carpet from the underhood storage unit, then disconnect the electrical link from both underhood storage unit lights.
  • Remove the carpet from the storage unit beneath the hood.
  • Remove the underhood storage unit's fasteners (x20) from the car.
  • Remove the vehicle's underhood storage compartment.
  • Remove the old HEPA filter from the duct and discard it.
  • Place the new HEPA filter so that it is held in place by the duct.
  • Place the underhood storage unit in place and then tighten the fasteners (x2) that secure it:
    • 6 fasteners (7 Nm)
    • 4 fasteners (7 Nm)
    • 10 fasteners (4 Nm)
  • Put the carpet back into the storage unit under the hood.
  • Adjust the seal to prevent ingress by connecting the electrical connectors to the underhood storage unit lights.
  • Close the hood after reinstalling the front, left, right, and rear underhood aprons.

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