Removing and Installing Lug Nut Covers Tesla Model X

If your Model X is equipped with lug nut covers, you will need to go through the Tesla lug nut cover removal process.

To remove a lug nut cover:

  • Put in the curved part of the lug nut cover tool (in the glovebox) into the hole at the base of the Tesla 'T.'
  • Move the lug nut cover tool until it is completely inserted into the lug nut cover hole.
  • Turn the lug nut cover tool so the curved part is touching the center of the lug nut cover.
  • Be firm and pull the lug nut tool from the wheel so the lug nut cover is released.

To attach the lug nut cover:

  • Put the lug nut cover into an aligned position.
  • Firmly push down on the lug nut cover so it properly snaps into place.

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