Programming HomeLink Tesla Model X

To program HomeLink® (if equipped):

  • Park Model X so that the front bumper is in front of the garage door, gate, or light you want to program.

    Caution: Your device might open or close during programming. Before programming, make sure that the device is clear of any people or objects.

  • Get the device's remote control and ensure it has a healthy battery. Tesla recommends replacing the battery in the device's remote control before Programming HomeLink.
  • Touch the HomeLink icon at the top of the touchscreen.
  • Touch 'Create HomeLink,' then select which mode you wish to use: Standard, D-Mode or UR-Mode.
  • Use the touchscreen to enter a name for your device and touch 'Enter' or 'Create HomeLink.'
  • Touch 'Start' then follow the onscreen instructions.
    Note: If you see a screen called “Train the receiver” while programming the device, remember that this is a time-sensitive step. After pressing the Learn/Program/Smart button on the device's remote, you only have approximately 30 seconds to return to your vehicle, press 'Continue,' and then press the trained HomeLink device name twice. Consider having an assistant help with this step.
  • Once your device is programmed, touch 'Save' to complete the HomeLink programming routine.
  • Ensure HomeLink works as expected. In some cases the programming process may require multiple attempts before succeeding.

Once programmed, you can operate the device by touching its corresponding HomeLink icon on the touchscreen's status bar. HomeLink remembers the location of your programmed devices. When you approach a known location, the HomeLink control on the touchscreen automatically drops down. When you drive away, it disappears.

Note: For additional assistance or compatibility questions, contact HomeLink.