Manually Releasing Charge Cable Tesla Model X 

If the standard methods for removing a charge cable from the charge port (using the charge handle release button, touchscreen, or mobile app) fail, carefully follow these steps:

  • Display the charging screen on the touchscreen to make sure the Model X isn't charging.
  • Touch 'Stop Charging' if necessary.
  • Open the trunk in the back.
  • To unlatch the charging cable, pull the release cable down from the charge port.

Note: The release cable could be hidden within the trim opening..
  • Pull out the charging cable from the charge port.

Caution: The release cable is only intended for usage when the charge cable cannot be freed from the charging port using standard procedures. The release wire or charging equipment may be damaged if used continuously.

Warning: Do not perform this procedure while your vehicle is charging or if any orange high voltage conductors are exposed. Failure to follow these instructions can result in electric shock and serious injury or damage to the vehicle. If you are in doubt about safely performing this procedure, contact your closest Service Center.

Warning: Do not attempt to remove the charge cable while simultaneously pulling the release cable. Before removing the charge cable from the charge port, always pull the release cable down and hold it. Electric shock and serious harm can occur if these instructions are not followed.


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