Gen 1 Mobile Connector Status Lights Tesla Model X 

When charging is in progress, the Mobile Connector's lights illuminate in sequence, and the red light is turned off. Pay attention to these lights to spot problems.

Note: You may need to reset the device by hitting the RESET button on the back in some circumstances.



Green Lights Red Light What it Means What to Do
All lights streaming Off Charging is currently in progress Nothing is required. The Mobile Connector is now successfully charging.
All on Off The power on. The Mobile Connector is powered, but not yet charging, or the scheduled charging is enabled Ensure the Mobile Connector is correctly plugged into the car.
Off 1 flash There is possibly a ground fault. An electrical current is leaking through a potentially hazardous path. It should automatically reset in 15 minutes. If this does not happen, ensure nobody is touching or inside the car, then touch the RESET button.
Off 2 flashes The self check has failed. Disconnect the Mobile Connector from the car and touch the RESET button. Take the Mobile Connector and plug it back into the car. If the issue continues, detach the Mobile Connector from both the car and the power outlet, then plug it back in again. When plugging it back in, always start with plugging it into the outlet first.
Off 3 flashes The Contactor failed. Detach the Mobile Connector from the car and wait 10 seconds. If the issue persists, contact your closest Service Center.
Off 4 flashes Loss of ground has been identified by the ground assurance monitoring circuit. Check to see if the outlet is correctly grounded. Connect to a different outlet if possible. If you're unsure, consult your electrician.
Off 5 flashes There's a fault with the sense circuit. Make sure the adaptor for the Mobile Connector is properly connected.
Off 6 flashes There is a thermal fault. It is advisable to charge in a cooler area, like indoors or under shade.
Off More than 6 flashes The Mobile Connector could need to be repaired. Contact your closest Service Center.
Off Off Power is lost. Unplug the Mobile Connector and check that the power outlet has power



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