Gen 1 Mobile Connector Status Lights Tesla Model X 

Under normal conditions, when charging is in progress, the Mobile Connector’s lights illuminate sequentially, and the red light is off. Identify problems by paying attention to these lights.

Note: In some cases, you may need to reset the device by pressing the RESET button located on the back.



Green Lights Red Light What it Means What to Do
All lights streaming Off Charging is in progress Nothing. The Mobile Connector is successfully charging.
All on Off Power on. Mobile Connector is powered, but not charging, or scheduled charging is enabled Make sure the Mobile Connector is plugged into the vehicle.
Off 1 flash Ground fault. Electrical current is leaking through a potentially unsafe path This should automatically reset in 15 minutes. If not, ensure no one is touching or inside the vehicle, then press the RESET button.
Off 2 flashes Self check failed Unplug the Mobile Connector from the vehicle and press the RESET button. Plug the Mobile Connector back into the vehicle. If the error persists, unplug the Mobile Connector from both the vehicle and the power outlet, then plug it back in. When plugging back in, always plug it into the outlet first.
Off 3 flashes Contactor failed Unplug the Mobile Connector from the vehicle and wait 10 seconds. If the error persists, contact your closest Service Center.
Off 4 flashes The ground assurance monitoring circuit has detected loss of ground Make sure the power outlet is properly grounded. Consider connecting to a different outlet. If uncertain, ask your electrician.
Off 5 flashes Sense circuit fault Make sure the Mobile Connector’s adapter is attached properly.
Off 6 flashes Thermal fault Consider charging in a cooler area, such as indoors or in the shade.
Off More than 6 flashes The Mobile Connector may need repair Contact your closest Service Center.
Off Off Power lost Unplug the Mobile Connector and check that the power outlet has power