Checking and Adjusting Tire Pressures Tesla Model X

When the tyres are cold and the Model X has been stationary for more than three hours, follow these steps:

  • Check the Tire and Loading Information situated on the center door pillar on the driver's side for the target tire pressure indicators.
  • Take off the valve cap.
  • Press down onto the valve with an accurate tire pressure gauge to check the pressure.
  • If needed, top up or take out air to get to the recommended pressure.
  • Note: To release air, press the metal stem in the center of the valve.
  • Check the pressure again with the tire gauge.
  • Repeat these steps until you get the correct tire pressure. 
  • Re=attach the valve cap to avoid getting dirt inside the valve. Frequently assess the valve for any leaks or damage.

You can refer to these steps to check the Tesla Model 3 tire pressure.



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