Removing and Installing Nose Cone Tesla Model S 

A nose cone is attached to the front bumper of Model S automobiles made before April 2016. The 12V terminals and the hood latch can be accessed by removing the nose cone.

To remove the nose cone:

  • Carefully remove the nose cone's perimeter from the trim with a plastic trim tool.

  • Disconnect the parking sensor connectors (x2) by squeezing down the tab and gently releasing the connector if fitted with parking sensors.

To install the nose cone:

  • If the vehicle is equipped with parking sensors, then start by connecting the parking sensor connectors (x2).
  • Align the nose cone's clips with the trim's matching holes.
  • Press the nose cone into the trim with both hands to ensure that all clips are engaged. To make sure the nose cone is completely secure, press around the circumference.

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