Drive to Calibrate Cameras Tesla Model S 

When using Autopilot, the vehicle must navigate with extreme precision. so before using specific some features (like Traffic-Aware Cruise Control/Autosteer) or after Services, the cameras must go through a self-calibrate process. A progress indicator is shown on the instrument panel.

Calibration usually takes 20-25 miles until completed but the distance depends on the route and roadcircumstances. The vehicle can calibrate faster when driving on a straight route with clearly visible lane lines. After successful calibration, Autopilot is then ready to be used. If the vehicle has not completed the calibration process after driving 100 miles, contact Tesla.

Note: If you try to utilize a function that isn't available until the calibration procedure is finished, the feature will be disabled and a message will appear on the instrument panel.

Note: The calibration process must be repeated after having the cameras serviced by Tesla, and it may be also be required after a software update.

Note: This calibration process is applicable to certain Model S cars that were built after approximately October 12, 2016.



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