Replacing Hood Struts On Tesla Model 3

If your hood struts start to break for whatever reason, they can be replaced. To repair your hood struts, follow these steps:
  • To support the hood, open it and prop it up using a non-marring prop.
  • Release the clip on the bottom of the strut with a trim tool and pull the strut away from the attachment on the vehicle's body.

  • Release the clip on the top of the strut using a trim tool and take the strut away from the hood mount. The old strut should be removed from the car.

  • Clean the mounting places on the car, then lubricate the replacement strut's two pivot points.
  • Secure the strut's rod end to the vehicle's body, then the strut's body end to the hood. Make sure the clips are in place.
  • Remove the hood prop and double-check that the hood opens and closes properly.



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