Removing a key On Tesla Model 3 

You can remove a key from your Model 3 if you no longer need it (for example, if you lose your phone or key card).

  • Press 'Controls' > 'Locks.'
  • Locate the key to delete from the key list, then press the key’s associated dustbin icon.
  • When prompted, confirm the deletion by scanning an already-authenticated key card or key fob on the key reader behind the cup holders on the top of the centre console. When finished, the key list will no longer contain the removed key.

Note: At all times, Model 3 requires at least one authenticated key card or key fob. This key cannot be erased if the key list only contains one key card.


Disclaimer: Tesla, Inc. was not involved in the development of this document and did not provide any input or otherwise edit, review or authorize it.