How to Program Homelink Tesla Model 3

If not equipped, you can buy an Automatic Garage Opener from the Tesla online store. To program HomeLink®(when equipped):

  • Position the Model 3 with the front bumper in front of the gate, garage door, or light that you want to program.
    Caution: The device may open/close while programming. Before you start, ensure there are no people or objects near the device.
  • Make sure the device's remote control has a good battery. It is recommended to replace the battery of the device's remote control before you program HomeLink.
  • Press the HomeLink icon located at the top of the touchscreen.
  • Touch the option 'Create HomeLink,' and select the mode you want to use: Standard, D-Mode or UR-Mode.
  • Using the touchscreen, input a name for the device and press 'Enter' or 'Create HomeLink.'
  • Touch 'Start' and follow the instructions provided onscreen.
    Note: If you the screen “Train the receiver” appears during programming the device, note that it is a time-sensitive process. After you press the Learn/Program/Smart button on the device's remote control, you have about 30 seconds to get back to the car and press 'Continue,' and then the HomeLink device name must be pressed twice. It is worthwhile to have someone help you with this step.
  • After the device is programmed, press 'Save' to finish process of programming HomeLink.
  • Test to ensure HomeLink now works as expected. Sometimes this process will need a few attempts before succeeding.

After successfully programming the device, now you can operate the device by pressing the corresponding HomeLink icon on the status bar on the touchscreen. HomeLink will remember the location of the programmed devices. When the vehicle approaches a programmed location, the HomeLink control on the touchscreen will automatically drop down. When the car drives away, it will disappear.

Note: If you need further assistance or have any compatibility questions, contact HomeLink.

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