Pairing a Bluetooth Phone On Tesla Model 3

Pairing allows you to make and receive phone calls, access your contact list, recent calls, and more using your Bluetooth-enabled phone hands-free. You can also use it to play media files stored on your phone. When a phone is linked, the Model 3 may connect to it whenever it is in range.

To pair a phone, follow these steps while you are inside Model 3:

  • Make that the touchscreen and phone are both turned on.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone and make sure it's discoverable.
  • Note: On some phones, the rest of the procedure may require you to go to Bluetooth Settings.
  • Press the Bluetooth icon on the touchscreen.
  • Press 'Add New Device' > 'Start Search.' The touchscreen will show a list of Bluetooth devices within range.
  • On the touchscreen, press the phone to pair with. After a couple of  seconds, the touchscreen shows a randomly generated number, and the phone should display the identical number.
  • Ensure the phone and touchscreen display matching numbers and then confirm the pairing on the phone.
  • If your phone prompts you, choose whether or not you want Model 3 to have access to your contacts and media files.

When the phone is linked, the Model 3 connects immediately, and the touchscreen displays the Bluetooth icon next to the phone's name to show that the connection is active.


Disclaimer: Tesla, Inc. was not involved in the development of this document and did not provide any input or otherwise edit, review or authorize it.