How to install your phone charging cable on Tesla Model 3?

To make it easy to connect your phone while keeping the console free of clutter, you can install a phone charging cable in Model 3. The Model 3 Phone Charging Cable is available at the Tesla online store.

Note: The phone dock supports two phones side-by-side.

To install a phone charging cable:


  • Open both center console doors in front of the cup holders.
  • Remove the rubber mat from the phone dock.
  • Lift the phone dock to access the USB ports.
  • Release the cover from the base of the phone dock by sliding it to the left.
  • Plug the USB connector on the phone charging cable into a USB port.
  • Insert the phone end of the charging cable through the bottom of the phone dock and route the cable through the securing tabs towards the bottom of the phone dock.
  • Reinstall the cover to the base of the phone dock by sliding it to the right.
  • Lower the phone dock and reinstall the rubber mat.