Charging Light Colors - Tesla Model 3

When the charging port is open, the status light changes colour to indicate its present state and to assist you in troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

If the vehicle is locked, the Tesla Model 3 charging port shuts off after a short length of time (for example, if walking towards the car after it has been charging for sometime).

Before you walk away after plugging your vehicle in, keep an eye on the color of the charge port.

If the Tesla Model 3 charging lights are red or amber, solve the problem before leaving to make sure you get a successful charging session.

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Color of Model 3 Charge Port Light What it Means What to Do


(normal behavior)

The connector is not inserted and the Model 3 is ready to charge, or the Tesla charging port latch is unlocked and the connector is ready to be withdrawn.

If you want to charge, insert the charge connector; if you're done charging, remove the charge connector.


(normal behavior)

Model 3 and charging station are actively communicating. Wait a couple of seconds for the charge port to turn solid blue or start blinking green (charging) (a charging session is programmed for the future).


(action may be required)

When a connector is plugged in, the Model 3 identifies it and the charging session is set to commence at a later time. Not in the process of charging. Disable 'Scheduled Charging' or press 'Start Charging' on the touchscreen or in your mobile app if you want to charge right now. No further action is necessary if the 'Scheduled Charging' setting is used. Scheduled Charging keeps track of your location as a reminder.


(normal behavior)

The charging process is currently underway. The blinking frequency slows as the Model 3 approaches full charge. Detach the charge cable after charging is complete.


(normal behavior)

Charging is finished. Detach the charge cable before you drive.


(action required)

The connector is not properly plugged into the charging port. Re-align the connector and fully insert it into the charge port. If the problem persists, look for obstructions in the charge port and connector. If there are no issues, use a different charge cord.


(action required)

Because the Model 3 is not fully inserted into the charge connector, it is charging at a lower current. Re-align the connector and fully insert it into the charge port. If the problem persists, look for obstructions in the charge port and connector. If there are no issuesuse a different charge cord.


(action required)

An error has been found and it has caused the charging to stop or prevents is from starting if the Tesla charger shows a red light. Look for a fault message on the touchscreen. If the problem persists, try an alternative charge cable or reset the charging source (check the status lights on the Mobile Connector or Wall Connector if needed). If a different charging cord does not work, use the touchscreen to switch the vehicle off and on and try again.


(normal behavior)

Model 3 is locked and has been inactive for sometime. Unlock the car or press the button on the charge handle to initiate the charge port status light to appear.


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