Burnishing Brakes Tesla Model 3 

After replacing brake pads and/or brake rotors, you should burnish the Tesla brakes. Burnishing the brakes may also help to alleviate a condition where the brakes make a high-pitched screaming noise when braking, particularly if the noise occurs in the rain, in cold and/or humid climates, or if the brake components have surface rust. This condition can occur in any vehicle equipped with disc brakes, and braking performance is unaffected.

How to burnish the brakes:

Note: Always obey all local traffic regulations and only perform maneuvers in a suitable spot where such activity is lawful and there is little to no traffic.

  • Press Controls > Driving > Regenerative Braking > Low on the touchscreen.
  • Drive the car between 50 mph - 55 mph (80 km/h - 90 km/h) on a straight road.
  • To carefully decelerate the vehicle, apply moderate, constant pressure to the brake pedal, releasing at 10 mph (15 km/h).
  • Do this procedure 6 times, waiting at least 30 seconds between applications.

Note: If the problem persists, contact Tesla or make a service appointment through your mobile app.

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