Shifting Gears Tesla Model Y

To change gears when the Model Y is in Park, you must press the brake. To shift gears, move lever must be moved up/down.

A chime sounds and the gear does not change if you try to shift into a gear that the present driving speed prohibits.


Release the lever after pushing it all the way up. When the Model Y is stopped or travelling at less than 5 mph (8 km/h), you can only shift into reverse.
You must apply the brake if your speed is less than 1 mph (1.6 km/h).


To shift into Neutral, push the lever up or down to the first position and keep it there for more than 1 second. When you don't press the brake pedal, the Model Y will roll freely in neutral. When you get out of the driver's seat, the Model Y automatically shifts into Park. To stay in Neutral, press the Transport Mode button on the touchscreen.


Release the lever after it has been pushed all the way down. When the Model Y is stopped or travelling less than 5 mph (8 km/h) in reverse, you can change into Drive. You must press the brake to shift into Drive if the Model Y is travelling less than 1 mph (1.6 km/h).

Note: When in Drive, fully depress the lever and release it to activate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. To activate Autosteer, press the lever all the way down twice in quick succession.


While the Model Y is stopped, press the end of the gear selector. The parking brake is engaged whenever the Model Y is in Park.

When you attach a charging cable or if two or more of the following circumstances are in play at the same time when moving slower than 1.5 mph (2 km/h), the Model Y automatically moves into Park:

  • The driver's seat belt is not buckled
  • The sensor in the driver's seat does not detect there is an occupant.
  • The driver's door is open.

The preceding conditions do not represent a complete list of reasons why Model Y may or may not automatically shift into Park, and your car may shift into Park even if just one of the above conditions is true in some scenarios.

CAUTION: If the front trunk is not firmly shut or if the charge port is unable to recognise whether a charging cable is plugged in, the Model Y will not shift out of Park. To proceed, close the front trunk and unplug any charging cables, then follow the instructions on the touchscreen.

Important Note: If the brakes are not working correctly in an emergency, press and hold the Park button on the gear selector to bring the car to a halt. Unless absolutely necessary, do not utilize this strategy to stop the vehicle.

Important Note: It is the driver's obligation to ensure that the car is always in Park before exiting. Never rely on the Model Y to shift into Park for you; it may not operate in all conditions. For example, if Creep or a slope causes the vehicle to drive faster than 1.5 mph (2 km/h).

Tip: You may also unlock all doors at any moment by shifting into Park and pressing the Park button a second time, making it easier to pick up passengers.



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