Opening Doors from the Interior Tesla Model Y

The Model Y doors are electric. While inside, press the button on the top of the internal door handle and push the door open.

Tip: Turn on child-protection locks to keep kids from opening the back doors.

These electrically powered buttons at the top of the door handles are no longer functional if the Model Y loses electricity (which is highly unlikely). Pull up the manual door release on the front doors, which is located in front of the window switches. The doors are equipped with mechanical releases, allowing you to open them. Pull up the manual door release placed in front of the window switches to open a front door if the Model Y has no power.

Note: Only the front doors are equipped with a manual door release.

When the Model Y doesn't have power to open a back door, perform the following:

  1. Remove the map pocket mat from the door panel.
  2. Open the plastic flap using your fingernail or a small flat-bladed tool.
  3. Then pull the mechanical release cable (foam block) to open the door latch.

Important: Manual door releases are only intended to be used when the Model Y is without electricity. Use the button on the top of the inside door handle whenever the Model Y has power.


Disclaimer :
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