Tesla’s Model Y Offers the Ultimate Camping Experience

Tesla’s Model Y Offers the Ultimate Camping Experience

It may not be your standard looking campervan, but the Tesla Model Y will surprise you with its versatility that makes it’a comfortable and practical camping companion. Whether you’re single, paired up, or want to get the family outdoors, Tesla’s Model Y will give you the space you need.

The design of this Tesla model gives it the edge as a great recreational vehicle. The second-row seats fold down and offers 68 cubic feet of space volume. It comes with a Tesla air mattress and active climate control that can be used throughout the evening if you parked into a charger overnight. The Camp Mode feature, when enabled, maintains air flow, inside temperature and lighting, while still allowing you to play music or power up devices. To enable Camp Mode, all you need to do is tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen and set the ‘Keep Climate On’ to ‘CAMP’ while the car is in ‘PARK.’ In addition to improving on interior space, the windshield is more upright than previous models making a taller center area over both the front and rear passengers.

A recent Youtube video published by The Kilowatts channel shows just how useful the Model Y can be when you’re not using it for your routine driving. The video demonstrates the following alternative sleeping arrangements. In the video example, they chose to use the Yakima Skyrise roof tent deployed on the Tesla Model Y’s roof, and presented different options for cabin sleeping with the Exped air mat or Dreamcase double mattress, if you don’t want to use the standard Tesla mattress accessory. While the Dreamcase costs a bit more than the air mat, it’s designed as a fold out 90 cm x 194 cm mattress that comfortably fits into the Model Y when the back seats are adjusted to lie flat. It has a multi-layer memory foam, and microfiber encased car duvet and pillows, and it is ultra portable allowing you to pack or unpack the sleeping contraption in under 60 seconds.

The cozy, futuristic interior includes the panoramic sunroof, which not only optimizes the space, and amplifies natural light, but is a great feature for cabin sleepers who want to star-gaze from the comfort of their Tesla while camping.

However, if you’re curious about sleeping on top of your Model Y, a roof tent is another option that comes down to what is most comfortable for you. These units are convenient without the hassle of having to deal with pitching a normal outdoor tent and it keeps you off the ground from any insects or nocturnal animals that might concern you. Safety tests proved that Tesla’s glass roofs are solid and secure, and can withstand sizeable weights and force. The Model Y will easily hold the weight of two adults and best of all, rooftop camping offers a unique outdoor experience.

The Model Y also comes with under seat storage and ample space for luggage, kids’ entertainment games, or vacation equipment. The added bonus for extra storage comes in the front storage unit, under the hood, as well as the deep cargo space below the hatch floor. So, you can take along your barbecue unit and camping chairs too!

Tesla’s Model Y is really showing its potential as one of the best camping electric vehicles on the market today. Depending on the car specs, added options, and accessories, you and your family can enjoy all the Model Y has to offer for making special road trip and outdoor memories.