All Aboard for Exceptional Infotainment!

All Aboard for Exceptional Infotainment!

This article gives a review on the updated infotainment system that is now available in the new Tesla Model S Plaid.

The brilliant 17.0-inch touchscreen is the first thing you notice when you board the latest Tesla Model S Plaid machine. Well, probably the second thing you’ll notice after the provocative steering yoke. The Plaid was designed to be driven without fidgeting with the infotainment screen that would cause unsafe distractions. Using the infotainment system is required to access a lot of the car's functions and settings. Tesla also unveiled a revamped user interface, which lends credence to the idea that the Tesla Model S is essentially a laptop but on wheels. It's also a standout performer.

The touchscreen has a total of 2.86 megapixels in resolution, which is pretty high quality although not hitting Quad-HD 1440p. Given that the screen is situated in the center of the dash it is close enough to display clear, sharp images and text. If you're in the middle of the back seat, you'll constantly be viewing the screen at an angle because it doesn't tilt (a feature Tesla offered but dropped). The viewing angle, on the other hand, is good, and we noticed no color shift when viewing it from any seat.

This laptop is powered by an AMD system with the newest Navi 23 GPU for graphics-intensive activities. Specifications for this chipset are scant, however Tesla claims it has a total processing power of 10 teraflops, allowing gaming performance comparable to Sony's PlayStation 5. This new chipset is a significant upgrade used in Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, as well as older Model S and Model X vehicles.

The system has four USB-C connections with a maximum output of 35 watts, as well as four wireless charging spaces for phones: two in the front under the center screen and two in the rear armrest. Bluetooth multi-device compatibility is available, with the option to select a preferred device. The system may connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, and also includes one year of 4G LTE service (with costs after that).

The Tesla Model S's new user interface is a step forwards from the Model 3 and Model Y's current interfaces. It's also a fresh experience if you're upgrading from an older Model S or Model X, as Tesla has shifted from a portrait-oriented screen to a landscape-oriented one. A navigation map takes up the majority of the screen real estate on the default home-screen layout. In the top bar, you can type or search for your destination (including car-charging locations). You don't always have to write the complete address because it, like Google Maps, provides suggestions.

Drivers can also access the vehicle's settings, including lock and unlock, trunk, glove box, mirrors, and so on. Pedals and steering, suspension, charging, Autopilot, lighting, and other features are also available. It appears to be a vast list, but the huge screen makes the layout user-friendly. Meanwhile, Tesla maintains a simple design (similar to the previous UI) with black and white lettering and blue toggles, ensuring that there are no extraneous distractions.


  • A powerful 22-speaker audio system that immerses you in the experience.
  • During video streaming and games, the Tesla Model S's speaker system transforms it into a private theatre.
  • For gaming and movie playing, a larger, higher-resolution screen gives superior visual quality.
  • Drivers and passengers have easier access to functions than in the prior system.
  • A separate instrument panel helps to free up space on the 17.0-inch main screen for controls and apps.
  • Because the AMD chipset allows for fast and smooth functioning, the internet browser is now genuinely functional.
  • Streaming games is now possible thanks to faster internet speeds.


  • For those who aren't tech-savvy or prefer physical buttons, UI can be difficult.
  • In bright sunshine and at sunrise or sunset, glossy screens produce distracting reflections.
  • 4G LTE is the only cellular connection available onboard (for now though).