Service Your Tesla at a center or at home

Service Your Tesla at a center or at home

One of the great advantages of electric automobiles is that they should require far less maintenance than their combustion-powered counterparts due to their simpler powertrains. This means owners will have to make fewer uncomfortable excursions to service facilities, but that doesn't guarantee they'll be maintenance-free. Tires, air filters, and brakes, as well as recall fixes and unanticipated problems, will still require service.

While Tesla's sales have risen, the company's service divisions have lagged pace. However with so many Teslas on the road, the electric automaker is focusing its efforts on expanding its service network.

Tesla’s Technoking, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that the auto manufacturer is expanding its service centers across the United States. The news comes after he was engaged on the social media platform by a Tesla owner. The owner who goes by the user name Jeff Tutorials, expressed concern over the waiting times for Tesla Service. 

Musk replied:

Thank for bringing this up. Tesla will expedite service center openings. Have you tried our mobile service that comes to you?

We can only presume that this was already part of Tesla's strategy, given the brand's rapid growth and plans to establish two more plants in the near future. As the electric manufacturer continues to sell a record number of vehicles, owners expect to be able to get their vehicles repaired without having to jump through hoops or be inconvenienced.

This year, Tesla plans to open 52 additional service centers, which translates to one new service center per week. Tesla now has 466 service locations across the world. As a result, adding around 11% of one's entire quantity in a single year will be a difficult task for the manufacturer. Tesla’s deliveries are increasing year on year, but its service centers saw a considerably slower growth.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted a few years ago that the automaker had made a huge mistake by focusing on expanding the capacity of its existing service centers rather than opening new ones. Owners have faced extraordinarily long wait times to have their vehicles serviced as a result of a decision made a few years ago. It will undoubtedly make customers feel more positive about their purchase if they know there's a service center nearby.

Tesla’s Mobile Service

With its Tesla Mobile Service program, electric automaker Tesla seeks to ease the pain of maintenance by bringing the service center to the client. The automaker converted a small fleet of vehicles into mobile workshops, with qualified technicians driving out to Teslas wherever they are to undertake repairs ranging from normal maintenance to more complex concerns, including crash repairs in some situations.

However, it is still a mobile service, and what it can do for one's electric vehicle is restricted, as it can only service what it brings on the van or its capabilities. This implies that its mobile repairs aren't as good as taking it to the shop, and it can only handle a limited number of requests.

While some of these mobile service units are utility vans, others are Model S vehicles with rear seats replaced with a tool shelf system and safety cage that can be accessed through the power hatchback. These are refitted cars that have been given a new lease on life.

Tesla's experts work so swiftly and efficiently, and I'm always impressed by the Mobile Service vehicle's hatch's equally efficient organization of tools and supplies. As Tesla's global fleet of vehicles expands, there will inevitably be a greater demand for service facilities.

The Tesla Mobile Service can be scheduled through a user's registered Tesla app, which will secure a crew to look at one's vehicle and do particular repairs.