EV auto manufacturer, Tesla has released their latest software update as well as a new storage USB device for the TeslaCam and Sentry Mode.

First, let’s take a look at what’s included in the new software version.

VERSION 2020.44

Not every Tesla vehicle will get the new update immediately and not every model will get all the new features. Tesla publishes their updates to certain models through its over-the-air update. Currently, there is currently no way to force the download of a software update. When the new version becomes available to you, your car will notify you to install it.

You can also use the TeslaFi firmware tracker to monitor Tesla’s fleet to see the number of Tesla owners running different Tesla software versions. The app provides a range of stats as well for you to analyze your vehicle’s range loss, electricity savings, software updates, charging data, real-time driving data and much more. The tracker app is free for the first 14 days after which you will need a monthly subscription of $5.00 or an annual subscription for $50.00.

  • Autopilot Set Speed: To extend more flexibility for using Autopilot, Tesla’s new feature allows you to set an offset to the speed limit based on a percentage or a fixed speed above the speed limits. This means you don’t have to enter the offset every time you enable Autopilot.
  • Spotify Improvements: Spotify has been enhanced in Tesla’s vehicles to bring it more in line with the standard version of the Spotify app. Albeit small features, the improvements are very useful such as having other devices in the car control the music so your passengers can show off their playlist as well.
  • Media Search and Media Source Improvements: Another small but handy addition is the improve media search functionality that’s a lot more intuitive than before. Results now also display based on the media source you are actively using, highlighting, and making it more convenient to find what you are looking for. Additionally, you can now also hide media sources from being detected so as to avoid being overloaded with content displayed on the media unit.
  • Voice Command Language: Drivers can now change the language of their voice command feature, so as to assist owners who prefer speaking in one language but reading in another. Select the voice command language if different than the touchscreen language via Controls> Display> Voice Recognition.
  • Enhanced Launch Mode: This enhancement is only available to the Model S and X with a Raven powertrain, which increases the vehicle’s performance when it is in Launch Model.


Tesla will now be delivering its cars with a storage device for the TeslaCam and Sentry Mode. It’s been a highly requested addition to be able to download the footage onto a USB that can be viewed on external devices. Sentry Mode has shown its worth by recording potential and executed robbery or vandalism of not only the Tesla vehicle, but of surrounding cars as well.

The refreshed design of the Model 3 includes a USB port inside the glove box which can be locked and unlocked using a PIN. While it’s not yet clear which Tesla models will have the new storage device, we do know that it’s a Tesla branded SAMSUNG BAR Plus 64GB USB that will cost around $20. This new storage device is specifically formatted for Tesla Sentry mode and Tesla cam.