Geely Homtruck: The Tesla Semi Rival

Geely Homtruck: The Tesla Semi Rival

Tesla said in July 2021 that customers would start receiving the first Tesla Semi truck units before the end of the year. Large firms have placed preorders, but there have been delays. Tesla has not specified when production will really start. Instead, they've just opened the order books and let clients put down a $20,000 down payment to reserve their semi truck vehicle whenever production starts.

The electric car giants are taking preorders for two separate semi-truck models. First, the base model, which should cost $150,000. As an alternative, the pricier model, with a greater range and additional capabilities, is anticipated to start at $180,000. The more expensive variant has a 500-mile range between charging stations, compared to the standard model's 300-mile range per charge.

There might even be a variant of the truck that would have space for 1 or 2 bedroom Tesla Semi interior sleeper cabin. It would be ideal for the long-range version of the Semi so that drivers can pull off at a charging station and take a comfortable short naps on a long journey.

Geely, a leading producer of electric vehicles in China, is a strong contender to take on the Tesla Semi truck. The Geely Homtruck, which will go into production in 2024, is cleverly designed and boasts an aerodynamic cab and trailer, among other amazing characteristics.

To create an even more sustainable environment, the Homtruck integrates sustainable materials, including bamboo, with the inside of the truck. The Homtruck has technologies in place to further simplify the driver's life, but these go beyond aesthetics. One of them is self-driving vehicles. This function is also anticipated for the Tesla Semi, but because neither truck has been completely unveiled, it's difficult to say which technology would perform better.

The Homtruck can converse with other Homtrucks, which is another ability shared by the majority of Tesla vehicles. The Homtruck can currently link with operations and delivery firms, something the Semi cannot accomplish. Taking on new projects as you go is an important part of trucking, especially if you're an owner-operator. A virtual AI helper is also available. And while it may be the semi-truck equivalent of SkyNet, it's designed to make the driver's life simpler by taking care of the little things. air conditioning, the radio, and so forth.

The electric batteries' ability to be charged or switched out is a novel feature.

Geely Homtruck Spacious Interior

Like Nio, several Chinese automakers also included battery swap technology in their vehicles. A vehicle's electric range can actually be doubled thanks to swappable batteries. Additionally, the automobile may be driven by both batteries at the same time.

On the electric version of the Geely Homtruck, this battery exchange technology will be present. In addition, three trim levels will be offered, including the previously mentioned all-electric and a hybrid semi-truck with a methanol range extender. Although it makes sense for semi-trucks to be hybrid because they use less petrol, the Homtruck would be the first of its sort.

It's likely that the Homtruck will be shipped to America a year or two after it debuts when production starts in 2024. Nevertheless, Geely won't be able to compete with the Tesla Semi until it goes above and above to ensure that battery swapping technology is accessible in America. After all, the American company will have a three-year lead if the Tesla Semi's production starts in 2022.

What sets the Geely Homtruck apart is that battery swap technology, an infrastructure not available in the states. Even though the Tesla Semi can charge 80% of its battery in 30 minutes, it is still a fairly long wait. Time is money, and battery swaps for electric vehicles are far more efficient.

How the Geely will fair is yet to be determined, and we’re far from even seeing the electric truck even built. The EV revolution is beginning, and everyone is getting in on the action.