What to Expect in Tesla FSD Beta 11.3

What to Expect in Tesla FSD Beta 11.3

Tesla expanded the distribution of FSD Beta V11.3 to more employees, although it is still being determined if all employees now have access to the most recent beta or if the workforce has grown. Before launching its public release, Tesla typically gives all workers the most recent FSD Beta for one more test. Later today, the beta's initial distribution to the public may occur.

Earlier this month, Elon Musk said the FSD Beta V11.3 release would roll out last week. It may take some time to get out to everyone with FSD Beta installed. The most recent Tesla recall claims that 362,000 FSD Beta-equipped Tesla vehicles are currently in the US and Canada.

Greater Visuals

It has been reported that FSD Beta V11 would have better graphics, and those changes are evident in the latest release. The vehicle's path is much wider, and it could be that Tesla wants to show both the path the car will take and the amount of space it will occupy when it is in a particular place. Tesla removed the red road margins, which is another visible difference. Light grey lines have taken their place, which blends nicely with Tesla's minimalistic design of the surroundings.

A different design is used for the dotted lines separating the lanes. Formerly well-defined, they are now slightly blurred, like other road markings. Many are expecting to see if Tesla calculates the width and length of the dotted line using vision. The FSD Beta visuals will be used for highway use as planned.

New Components

The beta program has been expanded to include more personnel, so at least some of the V11.3 release notes have now been exposed. The anticipated single-stack transition, in which Tesla will now use all it has discovered from FSD Beta on city streets and use the same technology for Autopilot on the highway. The list of enhancements, however, is extensive and noteworthy.

The much anticipated Tesla FSD Beta v11.3 almost out!

Automatic Emergency Braking

Tesla is extending Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) to deal with automobiles that are in your path. AEB was previously only applicable when a car was coming up from behind another one; now, Tesla is increasing this to include cars that are crossing your path. Although this is included in the release notes for the FSD Beta and depends on the vision and advancements achieved with the FSD Beta, it will also apply when you're driving manually. According to statistics that Tesla has gathered, this enhancement with AEB would have prevented 49% of collisions.

Leave Tesla a Voice Message

The beta includes "voice drive-notes," which will let you comment on a disengagement with an audio description. You can now leave Tesla an anonymous voicemail explaining your experience following an intervention to assist the company in improving Autopilot. Although you will be able to leave a comment after a disengagement, this will probably be done using a voice command. Tesla is likely to transcribe to text on their side.

Highway Handling

The enhancement to the vehicle's path when driving on the highway includes when there is a steep turn; the car will often veer too much to the outside of the curve rather than staying in the middle of the lane. According to Tesla, there is enhanced handling at high speeds in extreme curvature circumstances. So, this will become better with this upgrade.

The release notes also cover several enhancements, including enhanced lane shifts and mergers, object identification, and decision-making improvements.
Nearly all Tesla customers in North America who purchased the FSD package for their vehicles are currently enrolled in the program since the beta's wider release last year. There are over 400,000 Tesla owners in the FSD program at the moment.

Although Tesla was meant to deploy v11 to the fleet in November 2022, the upgrade has been delayed in testing ever since. As a result, most of these owners have yet to get substantial FSD beta updates. Elon Musk noted that the update includes numerous new neural networks. Still, from the perspective of the consumer, it's also significant because it's anticipated to combine Tesla's Autopilot software stack, which is used as a level 2 driver assistance system on highways.