The Clever Cybertruck Space Camper

The Clever Cybertruck Space Camper

The Tesla Cybertruck was first announced by Tesla in 2019. The electric pickup truck was expected to hit the market in 2021, but the company has continually delayed the project. The Cybertruck is now slated to leave the factory next year. While there's no guarantee that will happen, companies are continuing to release a range of builds to accompany the vehicle. One of these innovation designs is Space Campers.

Elon Musk has stated that the Cybertruck will be accompanied by off-roading companions, initially a pop-up tent and trailer. That was the plan in November 2019, at least, and it made logical. After all, it would be a pity not to take your all-electric truck out on longer trips when it's tougher than a tank.

People have been considering a camping version of the Cybertruck since it first became popular. Since then, numerous companies have shown to be quicker by developing their own designs to accompany the car. Space Campers, a California-based firm, recently demonstrated a camper for the Cybertruck that was built as a "Swiss army knife."

According to the company, the design is long-lasting and complements the truck nicely. It's made of aerospace-grade materials and big enough for an adult to stand inside. It can also be equipped with a variety of extras that transform Tesla's Cybertruck into a modern camper such as a ‘Full camp kitchen’, ‘Shower and Bathroom’, ‘Solar & Roof Racks’, and more.


Easy Setup

The Space Camper company says that the setup takes less than two minutes. It's as simple as unlatching the roof and flipping a switch. Air actuators raise the camper in less than 30 seconds. After that, you secure the tent to the tailgate by rolling down the front of it. Once erected, which is done via pneumatic struts that hold everything up, the Space Camper reveals built-in steps that allow for what appears to be easy access inside, where it has a detachable fold-down bed.

Comfy, Practical Interior

The interior is incredibly versatile, according to Space Campers, the California-based firm behind it, with the many upgrades that may be included. The Space Camper's dimmable lighting, phone charger, induction cooktop, water heater, and cooler can all be powered by the Cybertruck's existing battery. It's also extremely adaptable. The bed sleeps two people and tucks out to provide ample standing space. It includes detachable hinges, allowing it to be used as an outdoor table.


Inside, there's also lighting, four power outlets, USB charging, an adjustable awning, and keyless entry for the rear hatch. It also has a built-in exhaust vent that allows moisture to escape to make the interior comfortable while cooking or boiling water.


The Space Camper is essentially a wedge that, when placed on top of the truck, visibly transforms the vehicle's back end into a box – it is likely Tesla would come up with something similar, if it ends up making one. But for now, Space Camper is the only company to offer this exciting addition, which comes in three different finishes, but it looks best when it complements the rest of the car.


And if you're dining al fresco, there's an awning built in, which comes in useful on hot summer days. The Space Camper can also be customized. Its inside can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. Several attachments, such as a portable hot shower, a kitchen, and solar panels, can also be added.


The camper is available for pre-order for $24,000. However, this does not include any upgrades or extras. The company states that the Space Camper will become available once the Cybertruck is in production, which should be next year (if all goes according to Tesla’s plan). After the buyer receives their Cybertruck, Space Campers can expect to receive their camping add-on in two months.