Tesla's Supercharger Network Opens the 2,000th Station Worldwide

Tesla's Supercharger Network Opens the 2,000th Station Worldwide

Tesla's Supercharger Network hits another milestone by installing its 2,000th station. The worldwide project boasts 18,000 rapid charging stalls all over the United States, the Pan Pacific region, and Europe. This revolutionary project helps the unbelievably modern cars fast-charge their batteries and safely hit the roads.

The 2,000th Supercharger is actually the 500th installed in the UK and Ireland and offers Supercharger V2 stalls that operate with 150 KW, which can charge the battery of Tesla cars up to 80% in only 30 minutes.

However, the newest generation of Tesla Supercharger V3 is upgraded and boasts 250 KW that can fully charge a car battery in 15-20 minutes. Tesla's Supercharger Network operates in 41 countries, and 29 of the locations are in Europe.

The Supercharger Network had a long journey throughout the years, starting with the first fast-charging station in 2013 in Los Angeles. Back then, the network was only suitable for one vehicle, the Model S. Tesla's commander in chief, Elon Musk, was encouraging Model S owners to go on long trips, ensuring them they can charge their batteries at the Supercharger station.

In 2014 and 2015, the Network expanded rapidly across the United States, and right after in the Scandinavian countries and the UK, as well as in China, Japan, and Australia.

According to Tesla's reports, only in Europe, they had delivered 1,4 billion miles worth of electricity. Over 170 million miles of those are accounted to UK and Ireland drivers only. Last year, the car industry giant delivered 60,000 million miles in electricity to the UK, equivalent to 100,000 back and forth trips to the International Space Station.

The efficiency of Tesla cars is incomparable to any other vehicle on the market, and Supercharger stations make it even more admirable and attractive for the electric car owners.

The Supercharger Network is expected to expand even more in the years to come thanks to the high interest in Tesla electric vehicles, and especially in Model 3. As Tesla becomes mainstream, the Supercharging stations' number needs to increase rapidly to cover all the needs.

However, the Superchargers are fast, effective, and can attend numerous cars in one day, thanks to their potency and charging speed. By increasing the number of these stations globally, Tesla cars are once more proving that electric vehicles are way more advanced than the petrol-burning cars, and slowly but surely taking over the automobile market.