Tesla's New Car Wrap Offering

Tesla's New Car Wrap Offering

Tesla is now offering car wrapping services in its Chinese delivery centers. The electric vehicle company surely knows how to provide a spin in its products. With Musk limiting paint color choices to keep the cost of Tesla vehicle production and maintenance in an affordable range, he has made color and décor wrapping a great alternative.

Tesla Model 3 buyers in the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Suzhou areas can now order car wraps in a variety of patterns. The latest news article translated from Weibo in Chinese says, “Tesla is more and more common on the road, and it is getting easier to recognize the wrong car at the charging station. Now the Tesla Delivery Center has launched the Color Changed Car Jacket product, which can make the vehicle cool!"

Some of these options include a climate change wrap showing global temperatures from 1850 through 2017, a Tesla Road Trip Wrap which is a graphic representation of a 6,000 mile road trip undertaken by a father and son in a Tesla EV, a Sportline Matte Black vs Satin Black, a Satin Gold Dust black, The Clean Tesla Nardo Grey, the Pearlescent Blue, the Murican Street Shark, Satin Perfect Blue Model 3, or T Sportline gloss hot pink are just some of the options available if you’re looking for that extra sparkle and distinguishable look.

Tesla restricted its electric vehicles’ color options on its models in order to make production more cost-effective and to make the process of repairs easier. Consumers started asking for more customization, which resulted in Tesla’s newest idea to get the cars ‘wrapped’. Instead of relying on third-party suppliers and installers to provide custom colors, Tesla is now launching its own service through delivery centers in China.

It certainly does help to make your car stand out as Tesla’s popularity increases. Being in a highly populated country like China where the EV industry is making strides, having something to differentiate your vehicle will prove to be very useful.

Elon has also confirmed that the Cybertruck will enjoy the same customization. A Tesla fan asked if the Cybertruck will have colors and Elon replied in a tweet “You will be able to wrap it in any color or pattern”.

Musk certainly knows how to excite the EV industry.