Tesla's Elon Musk Gives a Free Power Liftgate Upgrade to a Model 3 Owner in a Wheelchair

Tesla's Elon Musk Gives a Free Power Liftgate Upgrade to a Model 3 Owner in a Wheelchair

Car companies that care for their customers have more success than companies that only see people as numbers.

The best example of an EV company that cares for the safety and the comfort of its customers is our beloved Tesla.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, is a worldwide known genius not only because of technological achievements but also because of his goodwill and understanding of the needs of others.

Tesla China Twitter account recently shared a story of a Model 3 owner from China.

The person sent a letter to the company, saying that Model 3 has been his dream car since 2016.

In April the same year, he made his reservation for Model 3, but unfortunately, in 2018 he had an accident where he suffered a spinal injury.

Soon after the injury, he found out that he can’t use his legs anymore, so he canceled the Model 3 order and his dreams vanished.

Being tied to a wheelchair, he applied for a C5 license for people with special needs, and after obtaining the license in 2019, he wanted to order Model 3 again, but this time it was too expensive for him.

Instead, the Tesla fan bought the more affordable BYD Qin ProDM that also offers a Smart Summon feature.

However, after Giga Shanghai started manufacturing Model 3, he didn’t think twice about ordering the locally made all-electric sedan, as the price this time was more accessible.

The story doesn’t finish here, as our hero contacted Tesla team once more, asking if the company can add a power liftgate feature that will aid individuals with mobility issues to close the frunk and trunk of the Model 3.

As you would already expect, Elon Musk agreed to make this change on the vehicle and to do it for free.

Although this upgrade will cost the company more money to make it, the CEO will give it to the person in need without any additional cost.

A bit more investment to produce the vehicle means an entire world to people with limited mobility, and masterminds like Elon Musk are always there to hear their clients’ needs.

In the end, the Chinese Tesla fan will finally get his Model 3, with an upgraded power liftgate for free.

It is not Mr. Musk’s first goodwill gesture towards a customer. Back in 2017, he offered to fix the damages of Model S for free, after the owner used the EV to save a fellow driver from a fatal car crash.

The Tesla driver used Model S to stop the other vehicle from crashing, and once the two cars stopped, he applied his first aid knowledge to save the other driver.

A heroic act that surely deserves a reward, and when it comes to Tesla, everyone returns home happy.

Elon Musk is a modern-day hero. He is an example to follow in many segments, including environmental-friendly car production and taking care of customers’ needs.