Tesla Will Produce Battery Cells in Berlin, but the Workers are Missing

Tesla Will Produce Battery Cells in Berlin, but the Workers are Missing

Giga Berlin is the new masterpiece of the Tesla industry, and it will be the hotspot for battery cell production.

However, despite the optimistic announcement of the hyperproduction of custom Tesla cells, it seems there’s a shortage of available talent.

Giga Berlin will start to manufacture batteries. But the high employee turnover rate could lead to a delay in production.

Philippe Houchois, Jefferies analyst, asked Tesla’s CEO, Mr. Musk, what are the possible problems that the company could face after facing this issue, adding “Will there be the battery capacity consistency with the amount of assembly volume you expect to come out of the — And if not, would you be able to source your battery requirements out of Europe? Or would you have to import batteries from outside Europe to ensure production in Berlin?”

Mr. Musk is still optimistic about the Giga Berlin cell production and explains that the lack of talent in Europe comes from the low unemployment rates and all the brilliant minds already working for other companies.

Whenever a sufficient team of workers is put together, Giga Berlin will start with the rapid manufacturing of cells, as announced.

“My biggest concern for getting our talented people is just probably Berlin because the labor mobility in Europe is not as low. I would recommend changing this. Like somebody wants to leave and join another company,” Mr. Musk said.

Workers leaving Tesla and fleeing to other EV companies is a common sight lately. The ones who escape even steal Tesla’s sensitive information and supposedly share it with the new employer.

It seems like the job switching rule should be the other way around, and brilliant workers join Giga Berlin, instead of other carmakers.

Elon Musk has been trying to attract genius minds to help improve the manufacturing of electric vehicles for years.

According to him, a lot of smart people choose law or medicine, while manufacturing also needs improvements.

Tesla’s production lines in Giga Berlin are waiting on a lot of smart and capable workers that will meet to goals of the company and help its rapid growth.

Half a million vehicles per year, starting July 2021, is the aim of German Giga Factory. The cells are there, but the workers are missing.

Eventually, Tesla will start producing its batteries in Berlin, and people need to be patient before that happens.

Meanwhile, manufacturing jobs on Tesla’s official site are of high availability, waiting for the new brilliant minds to join the team.