Tesla ‘very close’ to unveil fully autonomous vehicle, asserts Elton Musk

Tesla ‘very close’ to unveil fully autonomous vehicle, asserts Elton Musk

Electric car maker, Tesla claims that soon they will turn dreams into reality with full level five autonomous driving technology. Chief Executive Elon Musk further added that the future of cars will be a reality with Tesla’s fully autonomous driving, and human drivers will be found only in the books of history. With this vision, Musk claimed that Tesla is very close to introducing a vehicle with level 5 autonomous driving technologies.


This autonomous technology at present is in the nascent stage, but Musk mentioned with conviction that the concept though theoretical at present, will be capable of navigating roads without the involvement of any human input, and will make chauffeur driven cars a thing of the past. At present, the Autopilot driver-assistance technology has reached level two and three in autonomy. This system is capable of controlling the brakes, steering and controlling accelerator. It can even change lanes or overtake another vehicle on highways. However, the present version of Autopilot needs constant support from the driver and also fails to manage the vehicle through complex city roads and town thoroughfare.

Musk believes that AI is the only way forward, and at the annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai,  he made it official in a video message that Tesla will soon complete level 5 autonomous driving technologies and launch cars without driver input. He further added that the electric vehicle maker is confident enough to complete the basic functionality for level 5 autonomous in 2020.

Automakers and tech companies predicted 2020 as the year of autonomy and several technology firms along with vehicle manufacturers joined to create a world for driver-less cars and taxi. With high hopes, some launched the driverless vehicle, which soon failed to meet expectations. In 2016, Musk mentioned that the Autopilot system of Tesla will be advanced enough to drive along the lanes of the United States, but the project was delayed.

At present, Waymo, formerly the Google self-driving car project is the only company that offers driverless services through autonomous technologies. They offer self-driving taxi services with vehicles plying in Arizona, Phoenix and other restricted roads. In future, a level 5 car is expected to move confidently anywhere at any time.

So, the world waits to witness Musk’s claim of ‘basic functionality’ of level 5 autonomy. He shared his vision of introducing driverless cars and taxi service in 2016, which is yet to turn into reality.

Tesla, the California-based automaker, currently creates cars with an Autopilot driver-assistance system. Though the brand Tesla is known for introducing path-breaking technology, with a distinctive vision, yet Musk failed to update on autonomous level five driving since 2019. Recent updates claim that the brand is close to level 5 autonomous driving and as far as the license of driving these auto taxis are concerned, autonomous cars are yet to receive legal permission. Hence, autonomous cars are far from becoming legal on public roads for the time being.