Tesla Releases New Feature in the Model S & Model X

Tesla Releases New Feature in the Model S & Model X

There's a pleasant surprise for Tesla customers. During the production cycle of two flagship models, the corporation has just incorporated a cool feature. Tesla has no plans to relinquish its position as the world leader in electric automobiles. Every day, the list of challengers may get longer. However, the corporation, led by flamboyant CEO Elon Musk, is always looking ahead.

Tesla has made technological innovation one of its strengths in order to keep its competitors at bay. Musk envisions the car as a green living room on four wheels. It's essentially the same as moving into an apartment or house that is equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies available. As a result, Tesla and Musk boast that Tesla vehicle owners will have a one-of-a-kind experience. They have made a change that will further cement the impression that Tesla is in a class by itself in the automotive industry.

Throughout the production cycle, the firm has discreetly upgraded their automobiles. The latest Model S and Model X vehicles leave the factory with a feature that the firm previewed in the fall of 2020, but which Tesla customers had given up hope of ever seeing: a tilting screen powered by integrated motors.

Tesla Now Offers a Rotating Screen

A 17” touchscreen with left-right tilt offers 2200 x 1300 resolution, true colors, and exceptional responsiveness for gaming, movies, and more," the company now added on the Model S presentation page as well as on the description for the Model X.

Image Credit: Tesla Motors Club

The new feature allows the screen to be adjusted to a more comfortable viewing angle for the driver or passenger. It's hardly surprising that this option has been added. Tesla has prioritized in-car entertainment, games, and other features. At a time when Tesla has claimed that its vehicles will be driverless by the end of the year, being able to tilt the screen is equal to trying to improve the driver experience. Tesla automobiles will be able to drive themselves as a result of this.

Even in its most advanced version, FSD Beta, Tesla's driver assistance technology, full self-driving (FSD), permits the vehicle to complete maneuvers but not to fully autonomous.

And, while Tesla recently made it impossible to play games or watch movies unless the vehicle is parked, those restrictions may be lifted once full self-driving is enabled.

Because the screen can be turned from the center to aim right or left, the new innovation should give a better in-car visual experience for the driver and passenger. Tesla is taking this step-in preparation for self-driving cars.

The shift appears to have rekindled interest in Tesla on social media. Indeed, the modification was seen in videos shared on Twitter by a Model S owner suggesting that their vehicle had been delivered to them at the end of April, before it appeared on the Model S and Model X websites.

Tesla owner Larry Li posted images showing the screen swivel to the refreshed Model S.

The tilting central screen was highlighted as an existing feature when the new Model S and Model X were revealed in the fall of 2020. However, it was abruptly deleted a few months later, implying that it would not be available.

The Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X featured vertical screens until April. It was angled slightly towards the driver. The vertical screen has been replaced by a horizontal screen in the Tesla Model S and Model X, as it has in the Model Y and Model 3.

This horizontal style also harmonizes the design of Tesla vehicles and makes software development easier. Tesla is undoubtedly attempting to sustain significant interest in its brand by making such a move at a time when the electric vehicle market is particularly dynamic.