Tesla Looking for Expanding Its Fleet in Greece

Tesla Looking for Expanding Its Fleet in Greece

As you already know, Tesla is tirelessly working on expanding around the world, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

While most of the car industry giants are overwhelmed by the economic crisis that we’re all facing, Tesla is grasping for a fresh opportunity to spread its tentacles in Europe, and this time in Greece.

They revealed the exciting news on Tesla’s official site in the Career section.

The company is searching for advisors in the Mediterranean country that will help to find potential customers for Tesla EVs.

The advisors would need to promote Tesla vehicles and inform the Greek population about the advantages these cars have.

Eventually, Tesla would become a leading figure on the Greek car market, if the right people apply for the position.

The job posting includes an optimistic message, “As we prepare for our exciting new entry into Greece, we are looking to recruit a number of Tesla Advisors to join our brand new team in Athens.”

Although Tesla’s presence in Greece is low, the company is trying to enrich its fleet since the beginning of this year.

In February 2020, Tesla representatives talked with the Greet authorities about installing Superchargers across the country, a network that would span from Portugal through Greece, and even to Turkey.

The recent interest of Tesla in expanding in Greece is not only a sign of personal Tesla conquering this country’s car market but announcing the importance of EV culture in a society that’s not too supportive of it.

Greece is not an EV hotspot at all. According to reports from April this year, the market share of EVs in Greece was only 2,6%, with BMW i3 on the top of the list with twelve sold cars.

However, the future looks green for Greece’s electric vehicle enthusiasts. The government is now offering extended subsidies for people who aim at switching from internal combustion cars to EVs.

Also, Greece plans to have one it three cars to be electric by 2030, which is a possible mission with the new negotiation with Tesla.

They would import the electric vehicles in Greece from Germany, after Giga Berlin starts with car production in July 2021.

Even the Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis said, “every new building should have the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles.”

Electric taxis in Greece will receive 25% subsidies in 18 months, while the rest of commercial EV vehicles will receive 15%.

With this financial injection, Tesla vehicles would be by 10,000 euros less expensive in Greece.

Tesla has a huge chance of becoming the leading electric carmaker on the Greek market, which is most likely going to happen.