Tesla Autopilot is still causing disbelief among many people in many countries. We are used to having control over every segment of our lives, and Autopilot navigated cars doesn't fit our concept.

The idea of a car driving itself is freaking most people out. But, owning an EV is becoming more of a necessity than a trend these days.

The Autopilot system by Tesla is advanced, reliable, and revolutionary. However, the company never said you can fall asleep while the car is driving you around.

This is an issue raised by Germany, where Tesla is building the newest Gigafactory. The country is banning Tesla from using the word Autopilot in its marketing because the authorities are concerned about the safety of the electric vehicle owners.

Although this may sound absurd, some people would let the car on its own and fall asleep on the back seat while traveling. An important thing to note is that driver’s hands need to be on the wheel in case of emergency.

It is surprising how skeptical people are about autopilot capabilities of EVs, and how others believe that the autopilot can do all the work, which is not the case.

Although Tesla’s Autopilot is way above other EVs’ self-driving mode, these cars still need a person behind the wheel. The general idea that Autopilot means you can play a video game and eat a sandwich on the passenger seat is not true.

Countries that think Autopilot can work without human support are spreading naïve and misinterpreted information.

The lack of knowledge and experience is misleading governments like Israel to ban features as autopilot.

Fortunately, after revisiting this case, and getting into what an Autopilot is and how it works, they changed the law and now allow vehicles to use the Autopilot feature.

The technological advance that Tesla Autopilot navigation has is better than any other car industry on the market. Tesla vehicles are reliable and promote a healthy environment.

It means the Autopilot feature of these cars allows a stress-free driving. It’s like having two pairs of eyes, two brains, and two pairs of hands while navigating.
If anything, Tesla’s Autopilot promotes more secure navigation than any other vehicle.

To understand the importance of this feature, it’s maybe the best for government officials to test it. That is the only way to realize what Autopilot is and how it works, before discarding the opportunity to have these superb machines on the streets.

If a Tesla-level autopilot navigated every car on the road, our roads would be much safer and secure.